Le Volume Bleu et Jaune

19/05/2011 § 4 Comments

phew.  that was long.  but it never seems long enough.  silly, right?
the year began with a small project:  two weeks, one window.  it seems simple enough. though, four students at l’academie de france a rome studied one room over the course of two years.  while visiting the villa medici, these four students became so enamored with a particular room in the villa they felt compelled to study the space, understand its effects, and highlight their findings.  the focus of their study was light.  le volume bleu et jaune exhibited their findings in the room from june 21, 1974 to july 14, 1974.  the focus of their studies was light and the volumes created by this substance.
in subsequent years their findings were exhibited in numerous places.  if you ever have the chance to read the exhibition catalog i highly recommend it.  be warned though, only 1000 copies are floating around.  its filled with beautiful models and drawings diagramming the change in light over time.  in the end, i wonder if they felt it was enough time?  two years, one room.
more from the past couple months to come.

§ 4 Responses to Le Volume Bleu et Jaune

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