“struggle can appear as a tension between representation and abstraction, and this can even said to describe the text of light, in which patterns of refracted light seen through a crystal ash-tray become metaphors for landscapes……the light we do see almost always seems to be set against darkness……..these momentary flickers that materialize tenuously out of emptiness.” – fred camper

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cameron gainer, luna del mar test photos (2009)


it must have been halfway between chicago and austin when i put down my book and started to stare out the window at approaching flashes of light.  most of the other passengers were resting so the airplane’s main cabin was sparsely lit.  each strike of lightening came in through the window crystal clear.  the dark rural night sky rendered the ominous thunderhead entirely black and formless; the cells full form only appeared momentarily through lightening flashes.

i am really glad i had the time to see cameron gainer’s piece luna del mar at the walker before leaving town (thanks for the recommendation matt!).  olympic synchronized swimmer luna del mar’s sillohouette occasionally develops in the foreground of a mass of bio-luminous water found in mosquito bay, puerto rico.  at times it feels a bit like looking at a sonogram.  the entire film is set to a piece of music by alex waterman.  if you have the chance to see it, don’t miss out.


dead of night

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[title update]     just came across this quote by fred camper (found at the art of memory), while searching information on stan brakhage.  it seems way more appropriate.  

[original title]     the original title “communication between bacteria (quorum sensing) plays a role in the regulation of luminesence in many bacterial species.  using small extracellularly secreted molecules, they are able to adapt their behavior to turn on genes for light production only when they are at high cell densities” comes from a wikipedia entry on bioluminescence.

[image]     cameron gainer’s test photo was found on alex waterman’s website.

[more imperceptible made perceptible]     ayh’s previous mention of jorge otero-pailos efforts seem appropriate.


“letting go of conceptual approaches, a series of abstract monochromatic images, shows the effect of a photochemical reaction of sunlight with hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides that has been released into the atmosphere mostly by automotive emissions and industrial plants. a paradoxical image as we find beauty in polluted skyscapes.”

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jason mena, letting go of conceptual approaches (2003)


i wish i could see jason mena’s letting go of conceptual approaches in person.  haunting concept.


paradoxical images

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[title + images]     not sure exactly where i first came across these images, but i found the title and some others from the series on triangulation blog.

[more invisible made visible]     this reminds me of an old ayh post on mario reis’ works which consist of dipping a canvas into a stream and allowing the minerals and flowing water to paint a picture.

“in his most recent series, transmission, holdsworth has created images of iconic western american landscapes — yosemite, the grand canyon, mount st. helens, etc. — using topographical data from the u.s. geological survey. in collaboration with geologist stuart dunning, holdsworth translated data from laser and radar scans of the earth’s surface into a virtual 3d model…”

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dan holdsworth, salt lake city plan view (2012)


very excited to see what comes out of aaron rothman’s design observer series on landscape photography.  though maybe the name should be changed to landscape depictions, since the majority of the work shown in the first post are more mixed media pieces than photography.


virtually real

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[title]     the title is an excerpt from aaron rothman’s article.  check it out in full here.

[image]     the above image comes from dan holdsworth’s website.  definitely page through his photography.   he has produced some truly haunting and beautiful work over the years.

“train fireman: look out the window. and doesn’t this remind you of when you were in the boat, and then later that night, you were lying, looking up at the ceiling, and the water in your head was not dissimilar from the landscape, and you think to yourself, “why is it that the landscape is moving, but the boat is still?”

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buffalo on catalina island (via)


more insanity from california.  in fact, there is a 15 mile radius in california that is just blowing my mind this morning (please see this earlier post on huntington beach).  buffalos on a pacific island, how? why?



happy monday

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[title]      today’s title comes from the jim jarmusch film dead man.  more quotes available on imdb.

[image]     today’s image was first seen on nicholas gottlunds tumblr but after a little research i came across this catalina kayak rental company’s photographs.

“a third strike in 1933 had world wide impact because of the new techniques it demonstrated. up until that time, drilling had been on the near-vertical, directly over an oil pool, with the invention of controlled directional drilling, first used successfully here to tap the tide land pools, a well could be drilled on a slant, in any desired direction. within a year, 90 wells were producing from tall rigs along the coastline.”

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huntington beach (c. 1920-40) (via)

orange county archives, view huntington pier oil well derick historical beach california (c. 1930-40s) (via)

huntington beach oil wells soapbox derby (c. 1930 – 40s) (via)


woah.  last week i joked about the improbability of mary lydecker’s collages.  her works were believable but they also seemed a bit to far fetched.  turns out i never grew up in huntington beach during the oil boom.


there will be greed

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[title]     the title comes from this website which has a catalog of uncanny huntington beach photographs.

[images]     the images come from a variety of places linked above.  but it all began with this tumblr image i stumbled across on polychroniadis.

[more uncanny landscapes]     as mentioned mary lydecker has pieced together some amazing collages.  i wonder if she was aware of these real bizarre landscapes.

“the sun had now detached itself from the horizon and day had dawned, with only a few clouds floating in the sky, let’s just hope it doesn’t get so hot that your muscles melt and you feel as if the sweat on your skin was about to come to the boil.” – jose saramago

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bill arnold,  floating house (1977)


i’m moving.  in texas.  in the summer.  its hot.


be back soon

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[title]     Saramago, José, and Margaret Jull. Costa. The Elephant’s Journey. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010. Print.

[image]     today’s image is of a bill arnold piece originally found at  je suis perdu.

“knurling can also be used when a high precision component will be assembled into a low precision component, for example a metal pin into a plastic molding. the outer surface of the metal pin is knurled so that the raised detail ‘bites’ into the plastic irrespective of whether the size of the hole in the plastic closely matches the diameter of the pin.”

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theodore waddell – roll up chair


so simple,  so good.  theodore waddell’s roll up chair.  originally came across this via mondo-blogo.


when cable is loose, structure is limp

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[title]     comes from a wikipedia entry on knurling.

[images]     for more images of theodore waddell’s furniture design, check out this mondo-blogo post.

[more structure as form]     this has got me thinking of ulm.